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Mrs.& Mr. Lalitha Chandra Sekhar Patnaik 18-Dec-2012

The experience with PPS has been very delightful so far. The teachers with vast rich experience under their belts and the healthy student to teacher ratio ensures that my daughter, Shriya, gets the required attention all the time. And the constant exchange of information through the parent meetings and the student almanac help us to know about the progress she is making.

The teachers have been very supporting to help Shriya to catch up the backlog of first quarter at a pace that she is comfortable. This really made us happy, as we as parents like our kid to catch up with the rest of the class at the same time ensuring that she is not in a race to achieve. And we notice a very good enthusiasm in her to attend school and the inquisitiveness in her to learn and the fun she is having at school is really encouraging for us as parents.
Though we choose PPS because of its close proximity to our home but we feel like we could still landing up here had we been away from it, the reason being PPS offers best in class campus, lab and sports facilities. And the CBSE pattern just adds that extra zing to what a parent can ask for. The overall package that PPS offers is just superb ! We are sure PPS will bring the best in Shriya as a student, be it academic or extracurricular activities encouraging her to achieve what she likes and what she is good at.

We are very pleased for having chosen PPS, Hinjewadi to nurture and build the future of our kid. Being mindful of the fact that PPS is yet to become fully operational but we are confident that in the coming months it will reach to its full potential and start delivering the best.

Keep up the good work and we are sure you will have more goodies in the offing in future for Shriya and us. Very glad to be associated with PPS family.

All the best !

Mrs.& Mr. Lalitha Chandra Sekhar Patnaik
Parents of Shriya Sekhar.